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Along Life's Journey

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Stained Glass
Mikkelsen Library
Main Level

Along Life's Journey
It twists. It turns. It starts and then it seems to stop. There an be open desolate areas or spots of incredible brightness. But despite its ragged edges life's journey goes on. And every once in a while there are people who have such an influence on you, they seem to pierce your very existence. Such a person was Dr. Lucy Fryxell in my journey. With her love of language and passion for literature, she gave me an appreciation for boh the structure of our words and their ability to communicate. She truly nourished my love affair with our language and taught me one undeniable truth. What good is the greatest gift, our spirit, unless we are able to communicate and share it? That, to me, is the essence of life's journey.

Fryxell Portico

In the summer of 2003 the Mikkelsen Library portico was both rebuilt and refurbished to enhance the entrance into the building. Major funding for the project was provided by the Fryxell Family in the memory of Lucy Dickinson Fryxell, Professor of English, Augustana (1953-1984) and Donald Fryxell, Professor of English, Augustana (1953-1980). The stained glass window in the entry was designed and created by Ken Bird (Augustana, English Major, 1972), to honor the many contributions of Lucy & Don Fryxell.

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