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One Button Studio: Get Started

Simple Video Production

Getting Started

  • Insert your thumb drive into the dock
  • Press the button to start/stop recording
  • Remove your thumb drive from the dock
  • Edit your video in the Media Lab

Overview Video

Book the One Button Studio


The One Button Studio is located in the Media Lab on the lower level of the Mikkelsen Library.  Check out the key at the Circulation Desk or Media Services.


The One Button Studio was funded by a generous gift from the Oliver Innovation Fund at Augustana University.

Uses for the One Button Studio

  • Video assignments for class
  • Presentation and interview practice
  • Developing ASL skills
  • Acting rehearsal 
  • Lectures and Course Learning Tools
  • Video Podcasts and Podcasts (take the video out in editing)
  • Be creative and come up with new ideas