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One Button Studio: Support

Flash Drives

  • A flash drive is needed to use the One Button Studio
  • There are some available for checkout at the Circ Desk and Media Services
  • Flash drives must be formatted as FAT32 or HFS+ and must have at least 4GB of usable storage


  • The camera and microphone are pre-set and ready to go for most users.  The library staff can work with you if you need a different setup. 
  • Please don't adjust the equipment in the room prior to talking with us to ensure that everything will be set up for the next user. 

Green/Blue Screen

The camera ring light can be used for a green or blue screen effect.

To turn on the green light, located on the camera, switch the metal button to the left. To change it to blue switch it to the right. When you leave the studio please turn off the camera light by moving the button to the middle position.


Gray Screen

If you do not wish to use the green or blue screen effect you can use the neutral gray screen for your project.