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The Studio: Get Started

Book the Media Lab or the Studio

Editing computers in the Media Lab are open for walk-in use by the Augie community, or may be reserved ahead of time. 

The Studio must be reserved. Check out the key at the circulation desk on the second floor or in Media Services.



The Studio is located in the Media Lab on the lower level of the Mikkelsen Library.  


Restart the computer if there is no recording screen



  1. Turn on the wall lights

  2. Turn on the spotlights

  3. Turn on the green light 


  1. Click on Start Recording

  2. Stand on or around the tape on the floor

  3. Present your speech

  4. Walk back and click Stop Recording when finished

Making a .mp4 File of the recording

  1. Click on File at the top

  2. Find and click on Remux Recordings in the dropdown menu

  3.  Drag the .mkv file from the desktop into the Remux Recordings box

  4. Click Remux to create a .mp4 that saves to the desktop

  5. Close the Remux Recordings window

  6. Insert a thumb drive and drag the .mp4 file onto it

  7. After the .mp4 file is on the thumb drive, drag it to the trash to eject it

  8. Delete the files off of the desktop

Leaving the Studio

  1. Leave the camera, computer, and other equipment on

  2. Turn off all lights, including the green light

  3. Lock the door



  • Do not move the media cart, camera, or microphone

  • Do not play with the AV equipment

  • Please return all moved furniture and leave the space clean for the next person


The Studio was funded by a generous gift from the Oliver Innovation Fund at Augustana University.

Uses for the One Button Studio

  • Video assignments for class
  • Presentation and interview practice
  • Developing ASL skills
  • Acting rehearsal 
  • Lectures and Course Learning Tools
  • Video Podcasts and Podcasts (take the video out in editing)
  • Be creative and come up with new ideas