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Book Bingo: 2024 Interim Reading Challenge

How to play

Take some time during Interim to catch up on your reading and join the library for a book bingo challenge!

Pick up a bingo card at the library or play online. Read a minimum of 2 books to score 1 bingo, using the free square to make a diagonal, vertical, or horizontal line on your bingo card; or keep reading to get multiple bingos. If you're up for a challenge, read a book from each category to "blackout" your bingo card.

Enter the title of the book you read for each category on the back of the bingo card or enter the titles online. A single book can NOT be used for multiple categories.

Bingo cards must be submitted online or turned in at the library front desk no later than February 7th. Prizes will be awarded when bingo cards are turned in.

Happy Reading!


Prizes will be awarded for every bingo you score. 

1 bingo -- win a reading themed vinyl sticker, a library highlighter, and candy

2 bingos -- win a Mikkelsen Library tote bag (plus the sticker, highlighter, and candy)

3 bingos -- win a $5 coupon to our book sale in April (plus the tote bag, sticker, highlighter, and candy)

Blackout -- win a $10 Barnes & Noble gift card (plus all of the other prizes)