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.np3 Northern Plains Peoples & Places Collection Guide: Get Started

Guide to collections in the .np3 digital library, a collaborative online archive maintained by the Mikkelsen Library and the Center for Western Studies.

Northern Plains Peoples & Places

How do I...?

Search by Keyword in All Collections: Enter your keyword search in the white field at the top of the website. Press enter on your keyboard or click the magnifying glass to see all results. When you select a result, the keyword will be highlighted in orange in the transcript for the item. Advanced Search is also available. 


Browse a collection: Click on the blue Browse button to see all items in a collection

Keyword Search Within an Item: Type your search into the "Search this Record" field. Click the magnifying glass or press "enter" on your keyboard. Pages in which the search word(s) appear will be highlighted in yellow in the document navigation column. Click through the page. The "transcript" field under the image will show you the full transcript for each page with the keywords highlighted. 


Navigate through multi-page items: Click on the pages in the navigation bar. You can also click on the grey arrows on either side of the image to flip pages one-by-one. 


Download an item: Click on the Download button (arrow pointing downward to a harddrive icon) and choose "This Item" for a PDF of the current page you are viewing or "All" for a PDF of the pages in the item. If the icon does not appear then this particular item is not available for download. 


Print an item: Click on the Print button (printer icon) and choose "This Item" to print the current page you are viewing or "All" to print the pages in the item. If the icon does not appear then this particular item is not available for printing.



View item information: Scroll down past the image of the item to see the Transcript (if applicable) and Object Description.

About the Digital Archive

The Northern Plains Peoples & Places (.np3) is a digital archive created as a collaborative effort by the Mikkelsen Library and the Center for Western Studies (CWS). It was designed to share, index, preserve and store the digital scholarly works and original creative submissions of Augustana University and the research collections of the CWS archives.  

Contact with any questions or comments. 

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