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Fall Author 2024: Peter Geye

About Peter Geye

    Peter geye is the author of five novels set in Minnesota. His debut, Safe From the Sea (2010), focuses on a reconciliation between an estranged son and his dying father.
    Geye's next three novels form a trilogy about the Norwegian immigrant eide family, reflecting a longing for belonging and freedom. The Lighthouse Road (2012) introduces Thea and her newborn son, Odd.  In Wintering (2016), elderly Harry Eide, suffering from dementia, disappears into the Gunflin tnorht. Northernmost (2020) combines a nineteenth-century arctic survival story with a modern divorce recovery narrative, exploring isolation and resilience. Nathan Hill calls Geye "the poet laureate of snow" saying, "to read him is to feel the ache of blizzard on your skin."
    Geye's most recent novel, Ski Jumpers (2022), examines the past's grip on family dynamics, with Jon, the narrator, reflecting on his childhood and his love and detachment from family after an early-onset Alzheimer's diagnosis. Geye's work is praised for "family dramas...with a twist, complex and provocative characters, breathtaking landscapes wrapped in luminous prose."