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Fall Author 2022: Craig Johnson

the Longmire Novels

The Cold Dish    (2004)
Death Without Company  (2006)
Kindness Goes Unpunished  (2007)
Another Man's Moccasins  (2008)
The Dark Horse  (2009)
Junkyard Dogs  (2010)
Hell is Empty  (2011)
As the Crow Flies  (2012)
A Serpent's Tooth  (2013)
Any Other Name  (2014)
Dry Bones  (2015)
An Obvious Fact  (2016)
The Western Star  (2017)
Depth of Winter   (2018)
Land of Wolves  (2019)
Next to Last Stand  (2020)
Daughter of the Morning Star  (2021)
Hell and Back  (to be released September 2022)

Click HERE to find them at the Mikkelsen Library

Novellas and Short Stories

Divorce Horse (novella; 2012)
Spirit of Steamboat  (novella; 2013)  
The Highwayman  (novella; 2016)
Wait for Signs (a collection of twelve Longmire short stories; 2014)