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Copyright and Fair Use: How Do We Use Information?


Please note: when considering the copying of any original work, determine whether:

   1) the work is protected by copyright,

   2) the work is available under a license agreement, or

   3) whether the intended use qualifies as a fair use, as determined using the four-factor analysis.

If the intended use is not a fair use, then seek permission. If permission is denied, seek alternative works.


Creative Commons

Information for Authors

Fair Use Determination

In this video, Stanford University's Center for Internet and Society lawyers were invited by YouTube to answer questions regarding fair use.

The Four Factors of Fair Use include the purpose and character of the use, the nature of the use, the amount used, and the impact of the use on the market value of the work.  Use this worksheet to analyze the merits of Fair Use.

University of Minnesota libraries "Thinking Through Fair Use - My Analysis" tool.

Online Courses and Copyright


RoMEO is a searchable database of publisher's policies regarding the self- archiving of journal articles on the web and in Open Access repositories

Public Domain

Know Your Copyrights