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FYS 110

What is a call number?

Call numbers are a combination of letters and numbers. A call number is like a street address and the collection designation is like a city. These two pieces of information tells us where the item is located in the library.

All the library's books and media are arranged by the Library of Congress classification system.

Our board games do not have call numbers. They are displayed for browsing.

The magazines, journals and microfilm are arranged alphabetically.

The government documents collection is arranged by the Superintendent of Documents classification system.

Reading Call Numbers

When searching the library catalog the collection information and call number are both visible on the results screen.

Screenshot of result in library catalogIn this example from the library catalog

the collection is Ole's Oasis

the call number is PS3616.A86673 K35 2022






The call number label is most often located on the bottom of the spine or side of the item.

Book spine with call number

Where are the collections in the library?

Lower Leve(map)

Main collection, call numbers beginning with: A - C
Young Adult collection

Children's collection

DVDs, Audiobooks, & CDs

Periodicals & Microfilm

Main Level (map)

Main collection, call numbers beginning with: D & E
Ole's Oasis

Reference collection

Government Documents collection
Faculty & Alumni displays

Board Games

Browsing Newspapers & Magazines

Upper Level (map)

Main collection, call numbers beginning with: F - Z

Oversize collection

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