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Mikkelsen Madness - Book Battle

Book Battle 2016

Lord of the Rings is the winner!
Final Bracket


Grand Prize Bracket Winner: Carl L. (7" Kindle Fire)

Second Place: Clair H.

Voting Participation Winners (randomly selected from those voting in every round)

Goeffrey L., Paige S., Clarissa P., & Taylor O.  

Bracket Winners (highest % correct in each round)

     Round 1:   First Place:     Ali L.            Second Place: Nicole M

     Round 2:   First Place:     Katie R.        Second Place: Brianna F.

     Round 3:   First Place:     Elijah N.        Second Place: Melanie B.

     Round 4:   First Place:     Carl L.           Second Place: Austin P.

     Round 5:   First Place:     Kaylynn E.     Second Place: Stephanie J.

Voting Winners (Randomly Selected)

Round 1: Molly H., Haley J., & Lea V.

Round 2: Madeleine E., Kayla G., Katie T.

Round 3: Kevin K., Mason V., & Claire B.

Round 4: Mike M., Cara B., & Katie W.

Round 5: Noah H., Miriam H., & Kelsey H.

Round 6: Lynette A., Ruth Y., & Cheyenne C.