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Mikkelsen Library Art

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Barn Studio

Medium: Giclee

Location: Lower level, Southeast stacks

Mikkelsen Library Collection

Sacrificial Land

Medium: Oil on Masonite

Location: Upper level, north stairwell

Mikkelsen Library Collection

About the Artist

Bob Aldern (1929-2011) began his studies at Augustana in the late 1940s and early 1950s. Interrupting his education, he served in the United States Air Force. Upon his return, he resumed his studies at the University of Hartford, CT, where he graduated in 1957. Aldern then returned to Sioux Falls, creating commissioned liturgical artwork and teaching as a professor of art at the University of South Dakota. Later, he returned to Augustana, where he served as chair of the art department durning the 1980s and retired from teaching in 1991. Despite his retirement, he remained active as Augustana's artist-in-residence. Aldern was also instrumental in founding the Civic Fine Arts Center. His passion for liturgical art is evident in numerous churches across South Dakota and the Midwest.